About Us

The story behind Button Shortcuts and Fart

Once upon a time, a developer wanted an easier way to learn keyboard shortcuts. It felt like a detour to look up the quick bites of information online during work. He decided to spend that summer making a better way. Three months later, Button Shortcuts was published to the Mac App Store from the back of a college classroom.

As it often turns out, the developer wasn't the only one with the problem. People from all around the world began using Button Shortcuts to advance their work in software engineering, video editing, photography, data entry, social services, and more. Their excited requests to add more shortcuts and brilliant features became the North Star for development on Button Shortcuts.

As updates rolled out and demand grew, Button Shortcuts was rolled into a company. Fart Inc. was founded by Austin Ryder and Brian Lowenstein in June 2019. The name was conceived as a joke in a late-night stupor, but it surprisingly stuck. People found it hilarious, they remembered it easily, and we loved it. The name Fart serves as a steadfast reminder that what we do is more important than the words we put on it.