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Your lightning fast guide to keyboard shortcuts on Mac.

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We love keyboard shortcuts. They make work easier, faster, smarter, and more powerful. Button Shortcuts makes learning shortcuts like that too. By double-tapping the ⌘ key, Button Shortcuts brings you a list of relevant shortcuts for your current app instantly. You can browse and search, favorite the ones you like, and check off the ones you know. The smarter you get, the more personal the list becomes. Button Shortcuts supports 10,000 shortcuts across 100 apps, with more support added via free updates. It's available for purchase now on the Mac App Store.
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Find Shortcuts Instantly.

No need to context switch. Double-tap the ⌘ key at any time to find relevant keyboard shortcuts. To find something specific, just start typing.
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Pin The Good Stuff.

Rather than looking up the same information twice, Button Shortcuts remembers what you've found and keeps it up top automatically.
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Keep Moving Forward.

Once you know a shortcut well, there's no need to keep looking it up. That's why shortcuts you know get checked off and sent to the bottom of the list.
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To quickly perform a shortcut you've found, select it, press Enter, and Button Shortcuts will do it for you.
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Learn The Language.

If you see an unfamiliar shortcut symbol, hover over it to see what it means.
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Dark Mode.

You can personalize Button Shortcuts with dark mode and five awesome flavors.

Customer Service Desk

Can I try Button Shortcuts?

Instead of a free trial, you can buy Button Shortcuts, take it for a spin, and return it for a refund if you want.

Do I need the in-app purchase?

If you updated Button Shortcuts from an old trial version, you'll need the in-app purchase to use it. Otherwise, you're all set!

Which Mac versions does Button Shortcuts support?

Button Shortcuts works on Macs running El Capitan (10.11) and newer.

I have a different question.

Contact us so we can help.
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