Become a power user of your apps.

Button helps you unleash the magic of your software by teaching you to use your keyboard efficiently. Just double-tap ⌘.

Why Button?

1. Keeps you in your flow.

No more scouring through menu bars or looking up shortcuts on Google. Just double-tap ⌘ to quickly find what you need and get back to work ASAP.

2. Helps you remember.

It's easy to forget shortcuts since there's so many for each program. Button acts as your digital post-it note and jogs your memory until the shortcuts become ingrained into your muscle memory.

3. Saves you time.

True experts work fast without sacrificing quality. Become a pro in no time by learning shortcuts and one-by-one you'll master your software while saving hours every day.

“Very useful. Helpful. Essential”

-- QBonix

“The simplicity of the app has allowed me to be more efficient when completing my necessary day to day tasks.”

“Just what I needed to boost production.”

-- AC_317


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